Displaying Lyrics

LiveMIDI supports displaying lyrics embedded within MIDI and KAR files. Multilanguage lyrics encodings as supported by device; ISO-8859-1, EUC-KR, EUC-JP, Big5, KOI8-R, etc. Custom support for VISCII Vietnamese character encoding is also provided.

To display lyrics whenever available in the currently playing MIDI file, tap on the "Lyrics" icon on the lower right of the playlist view.

Lyrics view will be displayed, showing either scrolling or multilines lyrics text display. The lyrics text will be highlighted in sync with the music, guiding the singer.

Changing Text Lyrics Encoding

There are various lyrics text encoding currently being use in MIDI files. In case LiveMIDI cannot autodetect the encoding correctly, you can manually change the lyrics text encoding by tapping the tap right "Change lyrics encoding" area.

The encoding options opens, and you can change it according to the text encoding being used for the lyrics in the MIDI file. The settings will be preserved for the song, and reapplied during the next loading of the song.

The following lyrics view shows an example of incorrectly used text encoding.

After changing the text encoding to "EUC-KR", the lyrics is now displayed correctly.

Changing Lyrics Display Settings

There are several customizations you can apply on the lyrics view, which can be configured through LiveMIDI global settings. To access the global settings, go back to the playlist view, press the device's menu button, and tap "Settings...". The following options are related to the lyrics display, grouped within "Lyrics display settings" options.

Default character encoding sets the default character encoding for the song being played. Unless you're sure that all your songs uses a particular encoding, it is recommended to set it to the default "Autodetect" value.

Lyrics display mode provides the following options:
  • Scrolling; lyrics will be displayed scrolling from the bottom to top
  • Few lines; lyrics will be displayed on fewer lines, as in karaoke videos or movie caption

Lyrics background provides the following options:
  • Solid black; solid static black background
  • Gradient; static gradient blue background
  • Pictures; slides of pictures from the device's pictures. To use specific background set for LiveMIDI, create a folder /mnt/sdcard/Pictures/LiveMIDI and put the desired pictures for use in LiveMIDI lyrics view inside the folder

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